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7 areas beyond gaming where Kinect could play a role

How Kinect could apply to art, education, health and other domains.

Microsoft's Kinect has implications that go beyond gaming. From medicine to learning to participatory art, Alex Howard considers ways Kinect's interface could shift our computing-based interactions.

Why does Facebook keep redesigning?

E. A. Vander Veer, author of "Facebook: The Missing Manual," weighs in on Facebook's pattern of reinvention

Facebook is rolling out yet another redesign, which will surely inflame a portion of its committed user base. I checked in with E. A. Vander Veer, author of "Facebook: The Missing Manual," to get her take on Facebook's redesign frequency, its dominant position, and the willingness of users to "retrain" themselves.

User interfaces for AR

There is a risk that talk about haptic interfaces and heads up displays for AR will seem like just hype, and certain industry participants fear that over promising and under-delivering could send AR in the same direction as Virtual Reality went a decade ago: into oblivion. That said, new ways of interacting with digital data on the real world are possible and not hype to those who work on them. To appreciate the full potential of new user interaction for AR, a test drive is valuable.