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Velocity Culture: Web Operations, DevOps, etc…

Velocity Culture: Web Operations, DevOps, etc…

Velocity 2010 is happening on June 22-24 (right around the corner!). This year we’ve added third track, Velocity Culture, dedicated to exploring what we’ve learned about how great teams and organizations work together to succeed at scale.

Web Operations, or WebOps, is what many of us have been calling these ideas for years. Recently the term “DevOps” has become a kind of rallying cry that is resonating with many, along with variations on Agile Operations.

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Web operators are brain surgeons

Our increased reliance on web-based intelligence makes speed and reliability even more important.

As we become more dependent on our collective consciousness, web operators will be much more involved in end-user experience measurement, from application design to real user monitoring. We're in the century of the distributed nervous system, and web operators are its brain surgeons.

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Velocity 2010: Fast By Default

Velocity 2010: Fast By Default

We’re entering our third year of Velocity, the Web Performance & Operations Conference. Velocity 2010 will be June 22-24, 2010 in Santa Clara, CA. It’s going to be another incredible year. Steve Souders & I have set a new theme this year, “Fast by Default”. We want the broader Velocity community & to adopt it as a shared mission & mantra. The reason for this is simple.

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