Who leads the Java parade?

Who leads the Java parade?

Oracle, Google, and VMware are all Java players, but a clear leader has yet to emerge.

Are any of the companies in the Java community willing to exercise technical
leadership? Are there organizations willing to bring the features Java needs to fruition? It's time for the real leader to stand up and address these questions.

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Feeding the community fuels advances at Red Hat and JBoss

Red Hat’s usual modus operandi is the precise inverse of most companies based on open source. This drives what I heard at Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, solid progress along the lines laid out by Red Hat and JBoss in previous years.

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Report from HIMSS Health IT conference: building or bypassing infrastructure

lectronic record systems need all kinds of underlying support. Your
patient doesn't want to hear, "You need an antibiotic right away, but
we'll order it tomorrow when our IT guy comes in to reboot the
system." Your accounts manager would be almost as upset if you told
her that billing will be delayed for the same reason.

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