Developer Week in Review: Android proves fruitful for Microsoft

Developer Week in Review: Android proves fruitful for Microsoft

More bucks for Microsoft, more horsepower for SPARC, and more votes for ... someone.

Samsung agrees to pay Microsoft royalties for Android use. Elsewhere, Oracle keeps the SPARC line alive, and the hackability of voting machines is exposed.

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Developer Week in Review

Oracle's not-so-open Java, suing to prevent getting sued, iOS 4.2 approaches, and why you shouldn't taunt the Black Hats.

This week, we look at IBM's decision to ditch Harmony for OpenJDK, more lawsuit madness in the land of telecomm, a new iOS beta from Apple, and what happened when Washington, DC tried to get some free penetration testing.

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Four short links: 2 March 2010 Four short links: 2 March 2010

Four short links: 2 March 2010

Visualising Tweeted Data, Voting Licenses, Space-Time Mining, and Processing for the iPhone

  1. Visualising Time Series Data in Tweets — builds sparklines from Twitter Data tweets.
  2. GPL Inadequate for Open Source Voting Software — the GPL prohibits “additional restrictions”, but the US Government has requirements for its voting software that fall into that category. An interesting read. The solution will be a new open source license (sigh) but one that meets their specific and real needs. (via Glyn Moody)
  3. SatScanfree software that analyzes spatial, temporal and space-time data using the spatial, temporal, or space-time scan statistics. It is designed for any of the following interrelated purposes: Perform geographical surveillance of disease, to detect spatial or space-time disease clusters, and to see if they are statistically significant; Test whether a disease is randomly distributed over space, over time or over space and time; Evaluate the statistical significance of disease cluster alarms; Perform repeated time-periodic disease surveillance for early detection of disease outbreaks. (via ancodezambia on Delicious)
  4. iProcessing — a Processing.js port to iPhone plus application framework library that lets you write iPhone apps in Processing. (via cityofsound on Delicious)
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Report Your Vote via Twitter & iPhone

Report Your Vote via Twitter & iPhone

Have you voted? Are you having problems voting? Are the lines at your polling station short or long? Let your fellow voters know via Twitter Vote Report. The site will aggregate all tagged tweets (use #votereport) and share the results publicly. The tweets are being analyzed and displayed on maps. Waiting times are also being plotted and analyzed. You…

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