"Web 2 Summit" entries

RIM pursues consumers and "web harmony"

Jim Balsillie on Research In Motion's app and tablet strategy, and why a mobile OS isn't a selling point.

Times are changing for Research in Motion as mobile competitors make headway in the enterprise and RIM expands with consumer and tablet offerings. Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of RIM and a speaker at Web 2.0 Summit, discusses RIM's strategies for the shifting mobile world in this Q&A.

Points of control = Rents

Innovation was once the sole rent source in the computer industry, but things have changed.

We love companies that innovate, even if they can extract rent from it. What we don't like is when they mature and transition to less palatable rent extraction strategies.

The battle for the Internet Economy

Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle discuss "points of control."

Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle examined the people, organizations, and chokeholds shaping the Internet Economy during a recent webcast. A video of their discussion is included in this post.

The upside of open

Lisa Gansky on why businesses need to embrace sharing and open systems.

Closed systems and applications have big supporters, but the push for sharing and openness has momentum as well. Author and Web 2.0 Summit speaker Lisa Gansky calls this movement "The Mesh," and in this Q&A she explains how an open mindset creates a competitive advantage.

Points of Control: The Web 2.0 Summit Map

Internet companies are jockeying for positions that will benefit them for years to come.

In our planning for this year’s Web 2.0 Summit, John Battelle and I have expanded on the metaphor of “the Great Game,” as we explore the many ways Internet companies at all levels of the stack are looking for points of control that will give them competitive advantage in the years to come.