"web2expo" entries

On a small screen, user experience is everything

Three mobile apps that get user experience right.

Building mobile apps around a look or feel isn't always the best strategy. Madhava Enros, mobile user experience lead at Mozilla, reveals three apps that effectively address user experience, not just design.

UI is becoming an "embodied" model

Mobile, real-time, and physical make design tough and interesting.

In the following interview, AOL director of consumer experience Christian Crumlish discusses the design opportunities that arise from new technologies and interfaces.

In the future we'll be talking, not typing

Stephan Spencer on how autonomous intelligence and language processing will transform search.

Stephan Spencer, co-author of "The Art of SEO," says searching the Internet of the future will be like talking to a human being.

Social media design should start with human behavior

Facebook's Paul Adams says social media is about more than just tech.

In this interview, Facebook global brand experience manager Paul Adams says social design is to web developers as electricity is to appliance engineers. It's an essential element that must be baked in rather than bolted on.

Web 2.0 Expo NYC CFP is Open Plus Webcast For Submission Tips This Week

The Web 2.0 Expo is returning to NYC this fall for a third year. The Call For Proposals (CFP) opens today and will remain so until 4/12/10. We are accepting talk proposals aimed at developers, designers, marketers and business folks. We are looking for Sarah Milstein and I will be returning as co-Chairs. After the CFP closes we will…

Security and Data Risk in the Age of Social Networks

Over the past four years we have seen an explosion in the volume of personally identifiable information (PII) online as social software and user generated content have allowed millions of people to create, manage and share their data in the cloud. While the rewards have been pretty clear (lower barriers to participation and collaboration) the risks have not been understood…

Web 2.0 Expo Europe Videos Up

Many of the keynote videos from last week's second Web 2.0 Expo Europe are available. The highlight for me was definitely Tim's conversation with Martin Varsavsky, the CEO of Fon. He discussed his path from Argentina to Spain, his handling of the credit crisis a year before Sequoia's warning and his philosphy as an entrepreneur. Other mainstage highlights included:…

Customer Service is the New Marketing: Interview with Lane Becker

The Internet changes the power relations between companies and customers. Social technologies like blogs, social networks, ratings and reviews etc. allow customers to share experiences; good and bad to the 1.4 billion people on the Internet. Zappos exemplifies the positive benefits of extraordinary customer service while Comcast shines a light on the perils of getting it wrong. Lane (co-founder of…

Open beats Closed: Best Buy’s new APIs

Best Buy is a pioneer when it comes to unleashing the talent of their own staff; from the Loop Marketplace that allows employees to submit ideas for Digg-style ranking AND funding across divisions (for example an HR manager can fund an idea from a customer service employee) to their use of prediction markets and their support of the employee-driven social network, Blue Shirt Nation.

Web Meets World

My talk last week at Web 2.0 Expo in New York was entitled "Web Meets World." I covered this theme from two directions: The idea that in the future, Web 2.0 "collective intelligence" applications will be driven by sensors rather than people typing on keyboards. What's more, this idea is also key to "enterprise 2.0." Dell's integrated supply chain,…