Four short links: 30 July 2010

Four short links: 30 July 2010

Game Mechanics, Data Privacy, Wesabe Open Source, and Monkey Economics

  1. The No-Twinkie DatabaseThese are all the Twinkie Denial Conditions described in my “Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie!” Designer’s Notebook columns. Each one is an egregious design error, although many of them have appeared in otherwise great games. A collection of “don’t do this” for app designers. (via waxy)
  2. Cloud Privacy Heat Map (Forrester) — a map showing the degree of legal support for privacy and data protection across various jurisdictions. (via azaaza on Twitter)
  3. Wesabe on GitHub — Wesabe has closed, but is open sourcing its code.
  4. Laurie Santos TED Talk — monkeys make similar irrational decisions as we do. “The errors we make are predictable and immune to evidence.” Sound like you? Watch this excellent talk.
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Ubicomp and Web 2.0: Connecting the Dots

I've been saying for some time that the next stage of Web 2.0 is the application of collective intelligence techniques to sensor data, not just to data input directly by humans. Two stories this weekend illustrate this point nicely. The New York Times published a story on Saturday entitled Billboards that Look Back, about a new generation of electronic…

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