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There are bigger issues surrounding the .gov review

The efforts behind .gov reform go beyond domain management.

The U.S. federal government's web reform effort isn't just about reducing the number of websites and saving associated design or maintenance costs. It's about improving citizens' access to information and services.

2010 Gov 2.0 Year in Review

Here are the themes, moments and achievements in the Gov 2.0 world that made an impact in 2010.

In a year of immense change, the issues that mattered most were the ones that made governments work better or improved the lives of citizens.

Citizen engagement platforms grow in 2010

With a wave of platforms and apps, citizens in 2010 could contribute much more than a vote or a donation.

As the new year beckons, there are more ways for citizens to provide feedback and become stakeholders in their government and policy than perhaps there ever have been in history. Here's a look at the platforms, applications and projects that got us to this point.

White House proposes sweeping federal IT reforms

Federal CIO Kundra has released a 25-point plan to reform the troubled federal IT sector.

The Obama administration has proposed a 25-point strategy to reboot how the federal government purchases and uses information technology, including new consideration for startups and a "cloud first" approach to new investments.

Building better White House policy through online citizen engagement

Building an effective strategy for online engagement in government new media means upgrades to IT infrastructure, policy and legal reviews, and embracing the principles of open government: participation, collaboration and transparency.