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BeyondPrint Offers Helpful Review of StartWithXML

A review of the StartWithXML forum and research paper supports the effort but questions why we are silent on the quality of XML tools.

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Slides from "Essential Tools of an XML Workflow" Webcast

Laura Dawson has made her slides available from the recent TOC Webcast, "Essential Tools of an XML Workflow." A complete recording of the event will be posted here soon. View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: xml swxml)…

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[TOC Webcast] Essential Tools of an XML Workflow

Tools of Change for Publishing, in conjunction with StartWithXML, will host "Essential Tools of an XML Workflow," a free webcast with presenter Laura Dawson, on Thursday, Dec. 11 at 1 p.m. eastern (10 a.m. pacific). Webcast Overview This webcast is for those publishers who have made the decision to pursue digital channels for their content. What tools are out…

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Webcast Video: What Publishers Need to Know about Digitization

Below you'll find the full recording from the recent TOC Webcast, "What Publishers Need to Know about Digitization," with Liza Daly….

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A Correction!

Frank Grazioli, of Wiley, writes in to correct my last post about taxonomies: Wiley has been exploring taxonomies for its travel content business; the cooking/psych/accounting spaces might be our next logical opportunities because the disciplines are well developed, specific, etc., that content is authored or edited in fairly controlled templates that map to our own XML content models and our…

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Slides from "What Publishers Need to Know about Digitization" Webcast

Slides from the "What Publishers Need to Know about Digitization" webcast.

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[TOC Webcast] Tomorrow: What Publishers Need to Know About Digitization

Tools of Change for Publishing will host a free webcast tomorrow at 1 p.m. eastern (10 a.m. pacific). Digitization expert Liza Daly will discuss "What Publishers Need to Know About Digitization." No prior experience is assumed in this overview of the conversion process. Topics will include: What's XML and do you need it? What's the cost-benefit analysis versus PDF…

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Beyond the Tag Cloud

This is an excerpt from our research paper, which will publish in concert with the StartWithXML Forum on January 13th at the McGraw-Hill Auditorium in New York. Early bird discounting for BISG members is ending soon! A good taxonomy is the backbone of your business — it's how you sort your content. It allows for effective merchandising, effective marketing –…

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Another Position: XML Alone is Not Enough

George Lossius, the CEO of Publishing Technology PLC, wrote a very thoughtful post about our StartWithXML project for the new UK blog, BookBrunch. He comments after a report on the presentation I did at Frankfurt about our project. George's point is that XML "is not enough." Books will live in a larger world also using XML and highly internal standards…

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For a Workflow Change, Support from the Top is Required

Last week Laura Dawson and I spoke about StartWithXML to a group of IT and operations people from publishers at the User Group meeting for Global Turnkey Systems, a company owned by one of our lead sponsors, Klopotek. We got some great questions afterwards. On reflection, we realized that they touched an important theme: the need for CEO-level support for…

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