How government can engage young people online

Researcher danah boyd has a message for government: You're doing it wrong

Young people don't want to be the government's friend on Facebook. They aren't likely to welcome an official dropping into an online conversation uninvited. And if you want to communicate with them where they live, you need to be on mobile. These are just a few of the insights danah boyd shared.

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Computerworld: The Coming Ebook Revolution

Last week I linked to a phenomenal piece over on ArsTechnica on the future of digital books (and in the process neglected to thank Peter Brantley for the link). Today Mike Shatzkin (a co-author on the StartWithXML Report) passed along a pointer to another great article, this one from Computerworld's Mike Elgan listing six reasons that ebooks are about to…

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Webcast Video: Youth & Creativity — Emerging Trends in Self-Expression and Publishing

Below you'll find the full recording from the TOC webcast, "Youth & Creativity: Emerging Trends in Self-Expression and Publishing," with Julie Baher and Bill Westerman….

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