Amazon, Zappos and Buying What You Can’t Compete Against

Amazon bought Zappos. At first I was a bit surprised. Like an aging celebrity going to the “big theater in the sky” it is unexpected when you first hear about it – but upon reflection not surprising at all. It smacks of inevitability. Amazon has consistently displayed a genius for pushing the boundaries of their business – for syndicating their…

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Zappos: If You Are Great at Something – Let It Go… (Or Resell It)

I am fascinated by what I see as Zappos' ongoing evolution from a simple, online retailer to a leading online innovator. A few months back I wrote about Zappos pioneering what I called “Experience Syndication" with their Powered by Zappos (PBZ) service. In brief, PBZ syndicates the end-to-end value of shopping with Zappos – from the online store experience…

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