Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson, founder of zcorp.com, maker of rapid prototyping machines. I write the heirloom technology" column for make magazine. I'm the leading contributor to instructables.com, having done 200+ projects there. I'm pro bono night watchman at makanipower.com, high altitude wind power company. More tales of my adventures with traditional technology are at www.mit.edu/people/robot Including detailed blueprints for traditional Indonesian outrigger sailing canoes.

Climate Sinners in the Jaws of an Angry Dog

After the crash of 1929 and the great depression, people said "never again" and created safeguards such as the SEC (securities and exchange commission) and regulations for banks to keep them from over-leveraging into another 1929 crash. The safeguards worked so well for so long that smart people invented theories that markets regulate themselves. They campaigned for de-regulating markets. That's just gotten us into a bigger crash than 1929. Right now our un-regulated CLIMATE is headed for a 1929 crash. Theories that the climate regulates itself are very popular. The climate crash catastrophe will be far worse than the financial crash.