Sep 16

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Web 2.0 Preview with me and John Battelle

Last week, Information Week did an interview with me and John Battelle about Web 2.0 as a preview for our Web 2.0 Conference, and posted the audio as a podcast. The link above gives some timecoded snippets from the first half of the interview to give a sense of the content, and then a pointer to the actual podcast.

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Comments: 4

  Thomas Claburn [09.16.05 02:23 PM]

That podcast actually made it to my blog last week.

  Matt Grommes [09.16.05 03:26 PM]

Does the podcast answer the question of why the conference is so freakin' expensive? I don't go to many (any) conferences so the only comparison I have is the Salesforce con my boss just went to for $600 (with developer discount). $2800 might be the going rate for this sort of thing but there's no way I'll _ever_ be able to go, despite this and ETech being the 2 big conferences I'd love to attend. I don't think I'm the only web2.0 developer who's in this boat either. That's a lot of money.

  Jill [09.16.05 06:35 PM]

I wish it was cheaper, too. I would *love* to go, but can't afford this and ETech, so I'm saving my money for ETech.

  Nenshad Bardoliwalla [09.27.05 04:10 PM]

Even the conferences are expensive, there is a tremendous amount of information on-line. It is hard for me to afford the conferences or convince my company to pay for them, but many of the conference presenters make large amounts of their content available on their own blogs or websites.

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