Active Facebook Users By Country

Since I last posted numbers on Facebook’s user base six week ago, the company has added close to 20 million active users.


I’ve had a few requests for detailed numbers by country so I quickly assembled an update for each of the regions shown above.

Among countries with at least a million users, the fastest-growing are Indonesia and the Philippines. According to Alexa, Facebook is now the 2nd most-popular site in Indonesia, displacing Friendster as the country’s leading social network. The company now has close to 13M active users in Asia.

For more details, you can view or download regional numbers below:

I had to shrink the chart for Europe to fit into the slides, here is larger version of that image:


[The equivalent chart for N. America & Other Regions, can be found here.]

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  • tr3v

    It would be interesting to see these stats in proportion to each country’s population.

  • Well, right away, I can say that Iceland’s 150K users are just under half of the population. About 98% of 20-30 year olds have a Facebook account, and that stat was some months ago.

  • BobCFC

    lol… 18 million active users in the UK with a population of 60 million

    and yet only 2m in Germany which has about 80m population?

  • I’d like to see some stats on the number of iPhone users on Facebook..

    What proportion of iPhone users use facebook?

    Thanks Ben!

  • I’ve put the numbers in proportion to total population:

    There you can also find an overview of Facebook’s position in the different European countries. The relative low share in Germany for example can be explained by the fact that Facebook is only number 4 social network in Germany.

  • LED

    I haven´t know that Africa as soon catch in terms of Facebook. Even faster than the Asians. In a few years is there the boom assured which Asian now have.

  • Any chance of making the data sets availalbe for everyone to take a kick at ?

    Would love to do some stats work on these for my own edification and interest.

  • Ben, how do you define active users?

    • Albert,

      Don’t have the exact reference at the moment, but I believe an active user is a “Registered user who has visited the site in the last month.”


  • What I love is the rate of growth in Africa. Point to note Sub Sahara Africa has no broadband internet access and cost of internet is substantially very high. Point to note broadband is scheduled to launch by mid 2009 that should have some effect. From what I have seen with the rate of mobile telephony the next technolgy revolution should be the high internet usage adoption in the region.

  • Interesting to note the inverse relationship between the number of active users and the rate of change.

  • Lucky1173

    Funny, how a small country like Belgium can have more users than Germany in terms of population. Well looking closely, if you combine Belgium, Sweden, and Denmark’s population, it still wouldn’t equal to Germany’s 80+ million people.

  • leonardc

    “lol… 18 million active users in the UK with a population of 60 million and yet only 2m in Germany which has about 80m population?”

    I know Bob, what impoverished lives we lead here in Germany; wasting our time reading books, drinking beer, going to restaurants, having sex, watching football… I hope assbook becomes super popular here so I can live a fulfilled life at last.

  • I’m surprised about Facebook’s penetration in SouthAmerica considering the region has poor connections compared to Asia.

  • I think it is clear to see the effect of Xing on Facebook territory. Xing has a german bias. Interesting stats thanks.
    Simon Hamer
    Social Media Manager

  • I don’t see Iceland in this list – though I know that much of its population uses FB! (Of course, there isn’t a large pop. to start with…)

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      RE: Iceland, see the chart for Europe above or see slide 7 of the slideshow.


  • Thoralf

    As someone else already stated: Facebook is not that relevant in Germany. There are a couple of local social networks that have a much bigger user base (Studivz, wer-kennt-wen, etc.)

    Studivz alone has more than 13 mio. registered users.


    In Croatia there is 640 000 users.That is great because there is only 4 400 000 peoples who live there.Pozzz iz HRVATSKE!!!

  • Peter

    There is 350 000 users in Slovakia! Great in comparison with Poland :) They have at least 10x more citizens at all. Yuppii

  • @Peter
    I don’t know where this data comes from, but there are over 1 mln FB users in Poland according to traffic monitoring research. but probably all those figures are miscalculated.

  • Actually a little amazed to se that Norway have almost 2 mill. user with a population just above 4.5 mill. That almost half of us on facebook – cool or scary :-)

  • Tansel ARAYICI

    WHERE IS THE TURKEY ? Turkey has a largest user of facebook on EUROPE ! ( )

  • up to 97% in Lithuania?! I definitely can confirm that when glimpsing on my network over there. It booms! FUY: population: nearly 3,5 million. One of the leading countries in telecom (as i was told). Nearly free sms and internet and Highly active youngsters! Activity in Belgium seems to be accurate and confirms the numbers we had so far.
    All best

  • Hakan

    Dear author, Turkey is not a middle eastern country. It is a European country with its European Union membership pending. So you should have placed Turkey to Europe list which is the second biggest facebook group after UK.

    This is a big mistake and considering your geographical knowledge I guess you’re American :)


  • Alex

    ^ If you ever bothered to take a look at a map of Europe you could have clearly seen that Turkey is located in the Middle East, Asia. The only part of Turkey that is in Europe is on the Western side of the Bosphorus, though this territory is very tiny compared to the rest of Turkey.

    As for Turkey having an European culture – this is false too. Turkey is still a long way behind Europe in terms of a stable democracy and liberty. Especially considering the recent shift of Turkey towards Islamic fundamentalism and oppressive behavior towards the women within the country. You can’t call this an “European country” my friend, this is a Middle Eastern country with Eastern mentality and values.

    Economically speaking Turkey is nowhere near European standards. Average European country has has a GDP per capita of 30,513, while Turkey has only 13,920. Yep, not even half of the economy of an European country.

    Bottom line: Turkey is not an European country.

    If I were you, before starting to generalize Americans of being ignorant in geography, I would at least educate myself about the geography of my own country. By the way, I’m not even American.

  • RajeshN

    It will be nice to see No of users Statistics compared with no of computer users…this is a better indicator than population…

  • Eva-Maria

    Slightly Off-Topic, but…
    @ Alex

    And what, pray tell, is a European country? Lithuania perhaps, which is a member of the EU, and one of the most homophobic countries in the world? Or Sweden, which is a member of the EU, and one of only seven countries in the world where homosexual marriage is legal?

    You cannot possibly argue that Turkey is not a part of Europe because it doesn’t conform to some strange conservative image you have in you head of The European Citizen. Europe is a very culturally diverse region and Turkey is a part of this diversity.

    In addition, Turkey has a higher GDP per capita then many European countries including EU member Bulgaria.

    That said, Hakan was entirely right. Legally speaking (in terms of political geography) Turkey is a European country.


  • tracy

    Hi im frm england. Niw living in essex. Been turkey and it was brill. Oeople so friendly. Thinking if going agaun nxt yr. So kook out for me guys. Yours. Tracy.

  • Manfred Rippich

    listening to Legislative Council meeting on Falklands Radio (FIRS) yesterday, I learned
    that the Falklands may have the highest facebook accounts per capita (70 per cent?); while poor USA got less than 20 per cent. I hope I got the figures right.
    The Falklands may also have the highest per capita number of sheep, and if I remember well had the highest fax-no and e-mail number too.