Apr 17

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Principles of Web 2.0 Make More Sense if You Change the Order

So writes Ajit Jaokar, arguing that "Harnessing Collective Intelligence" is the root principle of Web 2.0, and the others make sense to the extent that you understand how they feed into (and draw from) this one. He's absolutely right: the web is mechanism only. And it's "web" only by naming convenience, because much as the internet was originally defined as "a network of networks," the web is becoming "a web of webs," as various mechanisms for harnessing and aggregating collective intelligence start to interconnect. In particular, Ajit's focus is on the mobile web, which doesn't have much in common technically with the http-based web, but everything in common with Web 2.0.

Here's Ajit's diagram summarizing his view of my seven principles of Web 2.0:

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  Ajit Jaokar [04.18.06 03:48 AM]

Hello Tim
many thanks for your feedback. Kind rgds Ajit

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