Dec 27

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

The Lifehacker Book

lifehacker-the-book-cover.jpgLooking for a present a couple of days late? Think about getting the computer-savvy muggle in your life the new Lifehacker book, Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day. I gave a copy to someone for the holidays. She uses Gmail. She can install software and defragment her hard drive. She's a whiz with Excel, Word, and Publisher, but she needs help occasionally and doesn't pay attention to all of the new things that you can do with a computer. She's too busy working to take the time to find something that might be worthwhile.

That's where Gina Trapani's book comes in. It lists 88 useful, well-described tips for getting the most out of a computer and the Internet. It includes great bits like how to join Flickr, use, back-up your computer, and install a local copy of Wikipedia. She is going to learn things from this book that she would have never known to ask me and then have the instructions to do it herself. It also had a ton of great tips that I am going to use for myself (I got a copy for myself). The Table of Contents and some sample tips have been posted


Now for an additional tip. Throw in a set of book darts. Book darts are small pieces of metal folded over like paperclips with an arrow on one end and they are perfect for research. Just like paperclips or Post-it notes, they can be used mark exact spots on a book page. I like them better because they don't crease the pages and are reusable. I did exactly this and I was able to mark the chapters of Lifehacker that I thought would be most useful. [Via Scott Berkun]

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  James [12.28.06 02:14 PM]

If you want to find out more about lifehacking and businesshacking in particular feel free to visit: It is very similar to lifehacker but it as about economics and finance

  ImNotQuiteJack [01.04.07 01:25 PM]

This is a fantastic book full of great ideas. Despite being an avid technologist and blog skimmer, I was still able to find new and innovative ideas that I hadn't run into before. Similar to bookdarts, I've been using Levenger's Page Points for a few years and love them.

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