Feb 5

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Video Definition of Web 2.0

The video "Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us" is an interesting journey from written text to Web 2.0. This is the second draft of KSU Professor Michael Wesch'sresponse to an older video entitled Web 2.0 (it's an application-level look at the Internet). Bonus: they are both about five minutes in length.

"The Machine" is a video full of simple lines that slowly build up to a definition of Web 2.0. My favorite line is "XML + U & Me create a database-backed web".

[Thanks for the link Tim!]

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Comments: 2

  Aaron [02.05.07 06:00 AM]

I think you mean to link to this video: Web 2.0 ... The machine is Us/ing Us

  Jesper R¯nn-Jensen [02.10.07 04:48 AM]

If you forgot your earphones and don't want to disturb the office, I made a complete transcript available

Actually we were two people collaborating while transcribing. More about that in the article link.

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