Mar 4

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Make Goes Into Space

Bre Pettis of Make is sending a weather balloon up into space this weekend. His video gives the what, why, and how.

Why would we want to send a package into space? To take pictures and temperature readings of course! We'll be using the Make: Controller to boss around 4 canon sd cameras set up to take a spectacular panoramic picture every 7 seconds! It will also have thermistors on it to measure the temperature as it goes up?

We'll be tracking it with two different systems. The primary system is a gps module connected to a tinytrak which makes the gps data into aprs ham radio packets and then sends them out on 144.39mhz which will get picked up by our receivers and repeaters and then routed to the internet where anyone can watch on google maps and earth in real time!

Perhaps we can get an update on this project at Where 2.0 this summer.

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  Alexander van Dijk [03.05.07 01:41 AM]

Very nice. Reminds me of a make-style educational satellite project taking shape over here in Europe: YES2 @ ESA & some YES2 images

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