Ignite Google IO Line-Up; 5 Passes to Give Away

I will be hosting an Ignite at Google IO on 5/27 from 4:15-5:15 at Moscone. I did an open call for speakers and I’m happy to announce the following will be joining me onstage:

Leo Dirac – Transhumanism Morality

Why only geeks and hippies can save the world.

Michael Driscoll – Hacking Big Data with the Force of Open Source

The world is streaming billions of data points per minute. This is Big Data – capital B, capital D. But capturing data isn’t enough. We need tools to make sense of it, to help us better understand — and predict — what we click and consume. We want to make hypotheses about the world. And to test hypotheses, we need statistics. We need R.

Pamela Fox – My Dad, the Computer Scientist: Growing up Geek

Tim Ferriss – The Case for Just Enough: Minimalism Metrics

Looking at how removing options and elements gets better conversions, etc., looking at screenshots of start-ups I’m working with and real numbers. Some humor (I hope) and fun, both philosophical and tactical.

Nitin Borwankar – Law of Gravity for Scaling

Why did Twitter have scaling problems? I spent 6 months thinking deeply about this and derived a simple formula that a high school student would understand. It demonstrates where the center of gravity is moving in the “Next Web” and why this aggregation of CPU’s is even bigger than Google’s. And oh yes it explains how to build a service that scales to 100 million CPU’s.

Kevin Marks – Why are we bigoted about Social networks?

Andrew Hatton – Coding against Cholera

I’ll examine what IT life is like on the front line with Oxfam, a humanitarian agency, and how good code can make a real difference to people’s lives in all sorts of ways..some of them surprising..

Robin Sloan – How to Predict the Future

OK, back in 2004 I made a video called “EPIC 2014,” predicting the future of media (and Google). It turned out to be 100% CORRECT. No, just kidding. But it made a lot of people think, which is really the point of talking about the future. Turns out there’s a whole professional discipline of future forecasting. And there are certain ways you can think about the future that will give you better odds of being right than others.

Kathy Sierra – Become Awesome

Everyone who submitted a talk has a pass already so I am left with 5 free ones to give away. Google will be releasing a lot of products and APIs in the next two weeks between Where 2.0 and Google I/O. Put your wishlist in the comments by Wednesday morning. My top 5 will get the passes.

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