May 17

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Mono Now Supports IronPython

The makers of Mono have ported Microsoft's IronPython with the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). Mono is an OS project that allows enables .NET to run on Mac OSX, Linux, and Solaris. The DLR enables dynamic languages to run on .NET. It was announced at Mix 07 along with Silverlight (which will also be ported to Mono). IronPython is Microsoft's implementation of Python.

Why is this important? As Vista Small Talk points out:

This means that IronPython can now run in:
* the Silverlight browser plugin
* natively on Windows Vista
* on Windows XP with WinFx
* on Linux, BSD, and OSX with Mono

And all other DLR-bases languages (IronRuby, VBx, Smalltalk/DLR, etc) should be portable as well. It looks as though the DLR will shortly be portable “from cellphones through Solaris”.

It's great to see the Mono community stepping up to address this need. Congratulations!

[via Reddit]

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  rektide [05.17.07 08:13 PM]

I havent actually downloaded silverlight, but the DLR inside of it is all written in managed code. It took a couple compiler fixes and a few standard library changes to get the mono runtime supporting all the features used by the DLR, but after the toolset was fixed up, the DLR runs just like any other piece of managed code.

Hence why mono support came only a week and a half after the alpha release.

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