Aug 9

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Botanicalls on Good Morning America!

Botanicalls is a system that allows plants to call their owner when they need more (or less) sunlight or water. It works by placing moisture and light sensors in plants and then wiring them to an Asterisk (OS phone system) backend. Kati London, one of the creators and a member of the 2008 ETech program committee, was on Good Morning America today showing off the system (see the video above). Both Kati and Kate Harman showed off the system during the Emerging Telephony Faire.

Apparently they are making DIY kits for your home plants! If you can't wait to try it call 212.202.8348 to test out the system.

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Comments: 7

  ChrisFizik [08.09.07 11:06 AM]

Asterisk, plants, and open source on Good Morning America! Fantastic Kati, Fantastic

Such a random application too..haha....

  Kevin [08.09.07 02:38 PM]

Interesting combination of technology. Now if my home grown root vegetables could just tell me when they were ready for harvesting..

  Ajeet Khurana [08.09.07 03:05 PM]

This technology has really created a buzz hasn't it? I remember blogging about it on July 20th on my Futurist Technology blog. In fact, a similar post of mine had generated a conversation about how one defines "species" :) Someone called me narrow minded when I limited my definition of species to living beings.

  Manuel [08.10.07 03:46 AM]

Hehe, must be funny when the phone is ringing in the middle of the night and you hear your plants begging for water.

  Doug Daniels [08.10.07 08:55 AM]

This is excellent. It may be just what I need to stop killing my plants.

  RC [08.10.07 02:07 PM]

Seems like a joke, but this is actually a good idea for the home. If they could implement this city wide in the future to determine when the plants actually require watering, then it may save water in the long run, conserving the environment.

  Mike [08.11.07 11:00 AM]

It does seem like a joke especially the process involved. The phone? Couldn't it be hooked up to a beeping system to the pot itself?
Also, it looks like it calls you back to thank you! But, here's to Digium's Asterisk!

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