Aug 15

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Google To Release Embeddable Maps

Over on CNet they have the scoop on an upcoming cool Google Maps feature.

Google will be releasing a new feature next week that will enable people to easily embed a Google Map into their Web site or blog, just like you can do with a YouTube video. No coding or programming required; just copying and pasting a snippet of HTML, a Google spokeswoman says.

"To embed a Google Map, users will simply pull up the map they want to embed--it can be a location, a business, series of driving directions, or a My Map they have created--and then click 'Link to this page' and copy and paste the HTML into their Web site or blog," the spokeswoman said.

Given how smart of a feature this is I can't believe its taken this long for one of the major providers to release it. Yahoo, Google, Live - they've all had the ability to get permalinks to a map for easy inclusion in a website. They've also all had APIs, but now a fully featured map, even those that have Mapplet data, will be fully embeddable on a person's website with cut-n-paste. Google Maps already dominate on third-party websites; this will increase that margin substantially.

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Comments: 11

  Kevin [08.15.07 07:37 AM]

It's great that this has finally happened. You would have thought this would have been one of the easier new functions to develop.

API users have been able to do this for some time, but this will open it up to the masses in the same way YouTube did for video.

  Kybook58 [08.15.07 08:14 AM]

This is also one of the features in the new version of iWeb - it's in a drop down menu called Web Widgets. It specifically allows one to add any Google map to an iWebsite.

  Ryan Shaw [08.15.07 08:52 AM]

Do your homework, Brady: Yahoo! Research Berkeley has had embeddable tag maps since January.

  Harvey [08.15.07 10:34 AM]

I did this with Mapquest 10 years ago. What is the big deal?

  brady [08.15.07 03:58 PM]

Hey Ryan,

Tag maps (which I covered at release) is a research project. It allows you to easily embed maps that show local tags. That is not the same as being able to easily embed a map with directions.


I just checked Mapquest. I don't see this feature.

  Caitlin [08.15.07 04:51 PM]

Great tip - it will certainly help expand the use of online mapping across the Internet.

  powers [08.15.07 05:00 PM]

Frappr has had embeddable maps for a couple years with mapplet data. Too bad the Google maps are not flash based so cannot be added to myspace, facebook, etc.

  Ajeet Khurana [08.16.07 08:28 AM]

This is why I like Google so much.

Responding to Kevin's comment that "this would have been one of the easier new functions to develop," I agree. Come to think of it, providing greater access and multiple ways of use has more to do with mindset than with technology.

Open companies like Google (not to say that their algorithm is open), are driving other technological fortresses to be flexible in the ways in which users can access their technology.

  Rocky [08.21.07 03:06 PM]

Brady can you clarify this statement:

"Google Maps already dominate on third-party websites; this will increase that margin substantially."

Are you referring to Google mashups or just plain maps that people have put into their Web sites?

  brady [08.21.07 03:21 PM]

i am talking about just plain maps. A benefit to this is that people no longer have to get an API key.
google's dominance started with mashups, now its growth will come from these embeddable maps.

  clarence cushing [08.24.07 12:29 PM]

i don't thynk it would be a bad ideia

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