Sep 7

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

Map the Candidates

Totally cool mashup of the day (for our US readers or those that like to mock our wacky political circus): Map the Candidates. Track where the US presidential candidates are traveling, marvel at how little of Iowa and New Hampshire are visible on the map, gasp at the amount it must cost to flit back and forth like that. Good lord. And, let's hear it for transparency.

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Comments: 2

  Josh Spaulding [09.07.07 03:12 PM]

And oh what a circus it is! No love in Indiana. I think I like it that way ;)

  Adrian Holovaty [09.07.07 10:41 PM]

In my previous job at the Washington Post, we put together a site called Campaign Tracker that does this and more.

Browse campaign visits by date, by candidate and by state; get RSS feeds for any candidate or state.

Of course, there's more to the campaign than where the candidates travel -- the site also has campaign-finance data and coverage of the issues. Powered by Django.

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