Nov 16

Jimmy Guterman

Jimmy Guterman

OpenSocial on Facebook (Sort-of)

A friend of Radar alerts us to a new Facebook application that appears to make Facebook an OpenSocial container. One of the developers is from Google. It's unclear what's happening here -- Could this be the beginning of a guerilla attempt to lure Facebook into OpenSocial? -- but it's a potentially fascinating early move. You can find out more about the Open Socket Project here.

On a related note, we're finishing an update of our Facebook Applications Platform report and we'll have some news about that in this space next week.

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Comments: 9

  Steffis Restaurant Berlin Blog [11.16.07 10:11 AM]

Really a nice idea. Facebook is the big thing in this time.

  Dan Lester [11.16.07 11:41 AM]

Thanks for the mention. OpenSocket is really just an academic curiosity at this point, by two independent programmers.

I am actually a tourist in Silicon Valley for a couple of months (!); and my development partner did some contracting for Google in the past which is why he has Google as a Facebook network - while holding on to a email address is a mark of pride for some, I hear it is not nearly as fasionable as retaining the stock options.

Our main aim at the moment is to ensure that both OpenSocial and Facebook platforms are driven by thriving open source communities, and my understanding is that - for OpenSocial at least - projects to simplify development are nearly ready to be announced.

  Zach Katkin [11.16.07 01:02 PM]

There is definitely value in integrating Opensocial in any platform. I think Google is really forcing Facebook to recognize that with this move. We are contemplating integrating some components of it at and are also investigating Facebook apps.

  Der Hund [11.16.07 01:16 PM]

Just what I was searching for. More infromation about the open socket project - thanks!

  Thorsten [11.16.07 01:26 PM]

Seems to be a nice Project.
I am looking forward to see more in the future.

  Chris [11.17.07 02:22 AM]

They have just to get the big fishes and the standard will be good to go. OpenSocial is such a big thing for (web-)developers, can't wait to get my hands wet on this.

  Tatort [11.17.07 02:46 PM]

Look like a nice Project. I am looking forward to see more in the future.

Speacial Thanks


  Aaron Cheung [11.24.07 01:25 AM]

Would be nice if there's a direct OpenSocial API to Facebook API mapper, in addition to this interpreter-like kinda utility.. but OpenSocket is still great.. Cheers, /ac.

  Noneq Kehaian [11.25.07 06:20 PM]

I don't think if OpenSocket is supported by Google or not but this project will surely let a relationship grow between Facebook and big G. Who knows, maybe in the future our Google accounts may be used in Facebook.

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