Dec 3

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Dollars for nothing and your LiveJournal (almost) for free

LiveJournal was bought by a Russian company, SUP. As I pointed out earlier, the weak dollar makes foreign investment much easier. For the sake of math, let's assume LJ is worth $1M. That's 25M rubles now, but would have been 29M rubles two years ago. Don't be surprised to see a few more of these international deals go down as the dollar continues to plunge. If OPEC pulls out of the dollar standard for oil, US companies will only be more attractively priced for overseas investors.

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Comments: 3

  Vlad [12.04.07 11:35 AM]

Thanks for a good point. When I was writing my own review ( I missed the point of weak dollar. However, SUP buying LJ isn't really money for nothing. There's a very heavy presence of russian-speaking community in LJ and transition looks very natural to me.

PS: When clicking Preview the comment form doesn't return text in input boxes.

  Georg [12.04.07 11:38 PM]

Not sure about importancy of LJ for russian speaking community now but a couple of years ago it was growing very fast. I think now a huge part of russian speaking LJ users and newcoming internet users rushing to use a brand new services on russian internet scene such as (facebook clone) and

Yes, a nice chart:

  Vlad [12.05.07 07:06 PM]

it is, indeed, important for us (them) :) As I wrote in my post on SUP buying LJ the presence is heavy and SixApart sold an outdated (I would even say - antique) blogging platform and its audience just into right hands. Stats say that russian population is second largest and the most active.

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