May 30

Jesse Robbins

Jesse Robbins

DisasterTech from Where2.0

I was honored to speak with Mikel Maron at Where2.0 about innovation in Disaster Technology, a topic that is extremely important to me. Here is the video:

This talk covers the ongoing efforts of: World Shelters, the UN Joint Logistics Centre,, InSTEDD, and Humanlink.

You can read about the development of SMS GeoChat, the Sahana effort for Burma/Myanmar (Radar post), and the Mesh4x KML sync engine on Eduardo Jezierski's blog and on Jon Thompson's Aid Worker Daily.

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Comments: 2

  unnikuttan [06.01.08 10:22 AM]

Thanks for this eye opening video.

  Robin Blandford [06.05.08 06:30 AM]

Hi Jesse,

I can't find your email online so hoped you'd see this here. Impressed with your work and I've some interesting overlaps that I'd love to share. I'm working on a service called 'decisions for heroes'.

I'd love if you could you drop me an email or ping me on gtalk on ?

Many thanks,


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