Jun 28

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Google Maps Are Now Draggable

Google has just given the functionality of their online Maps product a real boost. You can now drag a route on a map to change the streets it takes. They've also added the ability to add a destination anywhere on a map just by right-clicking or by dragging an existing place marker to a new location.

google map

What does this enable you to do? Suppose a highway is blocked up or you would prefer to drive by trees instead of buildings, you can now easily modify your route. As you can see above, I can now change route to take any street I need (or desire). I expect that we will soon see a flurry of art maps as people try to create pictures with the routing algorithm.

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Comments: 7

  Kami [06.28.07 06:06 PM]

Thanks - this is very helpful to me as i plan my driving vacation from Las Vegas to Florida

  Eric Meyer [06.28.07 07:54 PM]

Oh, that is so totally awesome. If you can do this on the iPhone with a finger point-and-drag, it'll be the best mobile routing tool known to man.

  Deepak [06.28.07 08:48 PM]

Wow ... very cool. Now to find out if I make good use of it.

  Alex [06.30.07 01:26 PM]

Thanks for the hint.

  Kenny Darcy [07.04.07 11:04 AM]

This is really interesting thanks, just a quick question thought.

re"You can now drag a route on a map to change the streets it takes"

I live in the UK, I like to take long walks with the gf on the coast, how good will this map be for that.



  Chris Wong [12.25.07 01:18 PM]

These features are great addition to Google Maps. The Maps landscape is very competitive right now, and truth be told, there’s no single clear winner on this yet. Google’s approach with this has always been on the conservative and less flashy side. The “link” feature certainly comes to mind: why did it take them such a long time to implement an AJAX “dialog” to display the permalink of what you’re currently viewing. It’s discoverability has always been a pet peeve of mine.

That being said, now that you can customize your trip to accommodate after-thought destinations is nothing but good news. And the implementation, though now a little bit more AJAXy, still conforms with the Google simplicity and user-friendliness standard.

  subhankar pradhan [05.25.09 12:12 AM]

how to embeded " Google Maps Are Now Draggable" in oursite..

Please provide us some code for it..


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