Dec 11

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

Dopplr Launches

Earlier this year, I posted about Dopplr, saying it was "the coolest app I saw at ETech, by far." This morning at LeWeb in Paris, Dopplr launched, so anyone can sign up for it now. Check it out.

I continue to think Dopplr is an amazing product and, having had ten or more Dopplr-facilitated lunches or coffees while on the road this year, I feel like it helps me get more out of travel. Exactly what I want from web apps: here, I'll give you some information, light it up for me, would you? They do, and it's a great model and an inspiration to me for my own work.

Congrats, Dopplr folks, on launching such an amazing product.

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Comments: 3

  Dave [12.11.07 04:44 AM]

They REALLY need to put the text on their "about" page on their glitzy home page so that people who come to the site can figure out what the hell they actually do. Very frustrating.

You could have done the same in this blog - just a one-liner at the top. I thought it had something to do with audio or podcasts or something due to the name. (And I believe their used to be a podcasting client called Doppler before)

Silly name for a tool that serves a very niche market. Yep - sounds like web 2.0 to me. Hello bubble 2.0.

  Seth [12.11.07 05:20 AM]


More like long tail 2.0... Or is it? Instead of looking at what is, look at what can be. If we take the concepts so often mentioned here, and the current technology trends, we get an application like the following:

Take your current appointment/calendar app. Enter your travel data in the app. next week from Thursday to Saturday I'm going to Chicago. In a few months, I'll be going down to Louisville, etc... Now, if that data become readily available to an application like dopplr, and a device like a GPS we've actually started to do something *really* useful with this data

  Andr√© [12.13.07 06:39 AM]

I think, they have a very nice Idea over there, but my first opinion on this site was: What is it about?

I believe that there is many target Traffic for this niche available.

Regards from Germany

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