Asterisk is amazing. I remember PBX systems being the mainframes of the business telephony world: huge expensive systems that trapped you with a vendor. Now you can bring up a Linux box to manage your company’s voice systems in a matter of days, with more features than you could afford in hardware. Maddog said it’d be bigger than Linux (no word on relative popularity to the Beatles and, through transitivity, God). We’re putting our money where our mouth is: we’re not just running OSCON tutorials and publishing books on it, we’re making the switch. Our IS department is finishing up the plans to replace our PBX (which must join two campuses, Sebastopol and Cambridge) with an Asterisk system. I look forward to being emailed my voicemail, having an office extension no matter where in the world I’m logged in from, and all the other perks. I’ll let you know how it goes.