Founder of Symbian to Speak at Where 2.0

I just confirmed Stephen Randall from LocaModa to speak at Where 2.0 about mobile marketing (give the web site a day or two to reflect his addition to the program). He won’t be talking exclusively about what LocaModa’s doing, though their work is fascinating: they’re turning phones into remote controls for the TVs you see in airports, Wal-Mart, etc. By connecting phones to TVs (e.g., each TV has an SMS number) you can turn the TVs into blogs, let viewers respond to advertisements, and much more.

Stephen has major chops, being a founder of Symbian (and inventor of the digital guitar). It’s the ability to think out of the box that interested me in him. So many people think that mobile marketing means being able to spam people’s mobile phones when they’re across town and going into a rival’s store. The real advances in mobile marketing will come by connecting the real and virtual worlds in ways that help users, rather than disrupting them.