TestFest June 17 at SpikeSource

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I believe that rapid testing and integration of independently developed open source software packages is a core competency of the next-generation of successful software companies. In that vein, Kim Polese of SpikeSource writes:

“Love Open Source? Sure. Love Open Source testing? Probably not! You’re always testing. Every time a component changes. On every platform. It’s a big pain if you are a developer and even if you are a hearty QA engineer. At SpikeSource, we are passionate about testing. We run over 22,000 tests every day on over 63 major open source components across 6 platforms… so you don’t have to.

On June 17th at 3pm, we are holding our first-ever TestFest at our offices in Redwood City, where you will learn how to use Open Source testing tools effectively to make your life easier. You will see how we have automated HTTPUnit, SimpleTest, and PHPCoverage, among others, for open source projects like Jetspeed, posgreSQL, and SugarCRM. It is an informal affair, so mix and mingle with David Sean Taylor from Jetspeed and Josh Berkus from postgreSQL as well as our own crew of testing folks. Demonstrations will be ongoing throughout the event. If you are working on a project, we will also show you how to automate these tests on Fedora Core, Red Hat, and SuSE for your own code.”

Register for free today and swing by our offices on June 17th at 3pm. We’ll have food, drinks and a great geekfest – see you there!