Speaking of the Open Source Business Review

I was just looking at the program, and there are a lot of interesting sessions that demonstrate just how far open source has come from its hacker roots, and what a different set of issues enterprises think about when coming to grips with open source software. Here’s a sampling:

Leveraging Open Source for SOX Compliance (SOX = Sarbanes Oxley, the bane of every IT department today!)

How to Safely Participate in an Open Source Project

Open Source Licensing Trends

Eight Open Source Applications for IT You’ve Never Heard Of

Evaluating the Risk and Maturity of Open Source Projects

Where and When Can a Linux Desktop Work?

Open Source Skill Building

Nice to see how the conference is keeping up with what is now a pretty broad user spectrum, from the bleeding edge that has been its hallmark since we started the conference in 1997 to what is rapidly becoming the mainstream.