WiFi helping people help other people to WiFi

Along the same lines as Marc’s WiFi w00t! post a few days ago, WiFi helped me help Nat to WiFi–across international borders, no less. I just received a text message from Nat in London asking if I knew where the Apple Store is in London: free WiFi is teh sux0r in London. I’d just a few minutes earlier managed to hunt down a smattering of free WiFi in Amsterdam. A Yahoo! search and texted reply later and Nat was on his way to all-you-can-eat WiFi from the Apple Store on Regent Street in London.

  • There’s not much free WiFi in Amsterdam as far as we could tell. The Mediamatic people at Bar Camp recommended one particular cafe not far from the Kras, and so there were ten geeks in there eating lunch on the Saturday :-)

  • I ended up paying for a couple of days’ worth while roving the Netherlands countryside. I’d all but given up on finding any free connectivity in Amsterdam until I ran across a nice strong signal around my hotel room the last night of the trip.

  • For next time you’re in Amsterdam check out my list of free wifi in town. Having just moved house and had no ADSL for 3 weeks I did a lot of reseach into good free wifi.

    De Balie on Leidseplein (very good for wifi and meetups), Nieuwmarkt (Square behind the red light disctict), Club 11 nearish to Central Station, and the Lloyd Hotel.

    A fuller list is on the
    Shortcut European Travel Blog.