LazyWeb Request: Tab History

Oh LazyWeb, I invoke thee.

I use Firefox and am a very heavy user of tabbed browsing. Right now I have 25 tabs open, but often I’ll go to about double that (they’re hard to count once ffox stops trying to display them in the screen width; and that’s also about the limit where the browser will crash on my Mac). I very often organize my tab-closure behavior around the type of tab content: I’ll go through all the NPR tabs I’ve opened and have a little “drive time” section of the day; I’ll read longer essays or things that need full concentration; or I’ll make a quick Ctrl-Tab drive-through, looking for all the little blog posts I can knock out quickly. As a result, tabs will stick around for days or sometimes even weeks before I get to them.

Sometimes I come to a tab many days after opening it, and I’ll read it and think, wow, that was great. By that time, I have no idea where I found the original link to the page. I’d love to be able to Ctrl-click on a tab and pull up a “Tab History” command, which would tell me what page I was looking at when I opened this tab. It would be good for giving credit if I link to something recommended by a particular person; and it would also be good for keeping track of which sites give me the best recommendations.

Does this already exist?