My Wishlist Wishlist

Amazon’s Wishlist feature is so lame. I wrote them a bunch of suggestions and thought I’d include them here, since it’s never apparent to me that anything comes of sending suggestions to Amazon. I wonder if the quality of their user feedback, and other sites’, would improve if they sent a note to feedback submitters saying, “You asked for this and now we’ve implemented it; let us know what else you want!”

Why can’t I search my wish list?

What happened to the compact view of my wishlist? I have 463 items on my wishlist — 19 pages’ worth. That’s not workable. [UPDATED: Oops, it’s there. Thanks, Sean.]

Why do I get an error message if I add an item already on the list? That’s not an error. You should tell me, “You’ve added this three times — you really want it! Should we move it to the top of your list?”

Why can’t I move a set of items from one wishlist to another all at once? Why is it so hard to manage which list items are on? [UPDATED: See above. Thanks, Bill.]

Why can’t I see an Amazon category view of my wishlist (Books, DVDs, Camera & Photo, etc, and then subcategories in those — just like the “Your Suggestions” page)?

Why can’t I see a price range view of my wishlist? If I have to add $7.95 to my order in order to get Super Saver shipping, why don’t you show me a list of items on my wishlist starting at $7.95 and going up in price from there?

Why do things I’ve bought still show up in my wishlist? Why do I have to manually delete items I’ve bought? That’s so crazy!

The wishlist feature isn’t very useful. I dump things into it, but it’s such a pain to find things in it and manage it that I rarely ever buy anything from it. I would be very happy to go to Amazon on payday and say, “show me the stuff in my list I can buy for $50” and buy myself a payday treat. But as it is I just ignore everything after the first page. I think that’s a big mistake for Amazon. I’ve already decided I want to buy this stuff and just don’t want to do it right away. Help me get back to buying the things I know I want!