What's up at EuroOSCON? You please tell us

The quick version:
Help us discover European people, projects and issues for this year’s theme of “Open and Connected”, by tagging these “eurooscon” at del.icio.us.

The long version:
EuroOSCON is, like any other O’Reilly conference, really a platform. A platform for bringing the European open source, web, and business communities together, for discussions and relationships, for sharing visions and for meeting the people you never thought you’d meet.

We want to show open source not only as software freedom, collaboration and ideals, but also as a part of a much larger trend which will change the models of all business – software and non-software alike. Just as Google’s giving software away in exchange for advertising attention has so obviously changed the software world, so will the application of user-creation change the models of all else, from games to medicine to car manufacturing.

The theme of EuroOSCON 2006 is “Open and Connected,” tracing how the inherently open nature of the Internet led to the rise of open source, the “Architecure of Participation” (or Web 2.0 if you prefer) and now the rediscovery of user- and customer-generated product innovation. We’ll be looking at the technology, business, politics, and social dimensions of open source, open culture, open APIs, open innovation and all that’s built on top of them.

Broadening the scope of EuroOSCON also means that we want your insight to help us discover the European people, projects, and problems that we’d never have found on our own, and ask you to tag these “eurooscon” at del.icio.us.

Not everything that’s tagged “eurooscon” will go into the conference, but we hope it’ll be a fun way for you to suggest things to us and for all of us to share pointers to European open culture and software. There’s no formal cut-off, but our chances of getting people and projects go down if we don’t give the speakers plenty of warning. We recommend you try to target submissions before April 10.