Fantastic elastic

While in the midst of something that doesn’t afford me time to look much more closely, I just had to throw out an attaboy! to Amazon for their new “Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)” service.

Upload par-baked application… Amazon will bake (S3) and serve (EC2).

  • i will take my previous comments wipe as an act of divine mercy. and stand here wondering where the discussion is on this off the wall news. this is big news!

    amazing service! you still have to build your own operations infrastructure around it, but to have an such a customizable on demand computing base like this is off the wall. instant on demand scalability is hard to beat.

    the only suck is the price. to get started with a single machine is going to put you back a hundred a month if run 24/7. for a scalable enterprise infrastructure, thats not much to pay. for the base cost of an on demand infrastructure, thats a lot of cash just to keep what could be one basically unused system awake. it raises a significant barrier to entry for casual users.

    i’d suggest amazon allow people to buy a single watchdog machine at a very low price. drop the specs to like 250 mhz processing power, provide like 256 mb ram, cap max bandwidth of the system & charge monthly for like $35/mo. basically it’d be as an online in-network job dispatching system and a development machine, to let people get familiar with the network without having to shell out monthly for a full system thats barely used.

    then again, who gives a crap about small fries who cant cough up >100$ a month?

  • Anonymous

    hehe, you hit the hammer on the head their.

  • Anonymous

    its beginning to feel a lot like christmas. I should have realized that people care.