Anothr, Skype-based RSS Reader is a Skype based RSS reader. It’s very simple to use. Just add to your skype contacts, send it the urls to your desired feeds, and you are ready to go. Through out the course of the day you will be sent the text from that site’s RSS feed. It’s a nice service and is simple to use. I try to limit distractions though so I think that I will only use it for one or two feeds. is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it is coming from China and was launched at the the Chinese Blogger Conference this past weekend in Hangzhou. It’s good to see this type of grassroots conference launching products. Second, unlike many other bots it is using Skype, reflecting it’s popularity in China. Anecdotally, Skype was on >80% of the computers I used while I was in China. Only MSN Messenger (default with the Windows OS) was more prominent.