Ignite Seattle!, a Radar/Make Night

Radar and Make: are going to be hosting a free geek night in Seattle, on Thursday, December 7th. Ignite Seattle will be held at the LowerLevel in Capitol Hill.

The fun will start at 6:30 with a Make: Magazine sponsored bridge building competition led by Bre Pettis. Using popsicle sticks and hot glue, each team will have 30 minutes to make a bridge. Then we’ll weigh them down until each one is destroyed. The team who has the bridge that holds the most weight will win prizes. All ages welcome! Feel free to bring your own LED’s, wire and batteries to make your bridge light up!

The main event will start at 8PM with a series of short talks from local volunteers in the Stage Room. The talks are all going to be five minutes long, with 20 slides that change every 15 seconds. So far Scott Berkun, Shelly Farnham, Beth Goza, Danyel Fisher, Stuart Maxwell, Justin Martenstein, Rob Flickenger among others will be speaking. Brady Forrest will be MC’ing. Sign-up in advance to get an early spot (go to Ignite Seattle and leave a comment).

In addition to having full bar, the LowerLevel has WiFi. It also has a second room (the room with the bar) so that you can take a break from the planned activity to do your own thing. Currently Buster McLeod (AKA Erik Benson) plans to lead Werewolves in there.

The goal is to have a fun night of geekery and networking. Come prepared.

To recap:
The date: Thursday, December 7th– Make Seattle starts at 6:30; Main event starts at 8
A bar to call our own for the night – LowerLevel
No cover
One stage, two rooms
Wifi throughout
See the Ignite Seattle Blog to learn more details or to sign-up
RSVP at Upcoming