I Heart Moo

Moo is a startup that makes elegant slender business cards based on Flickr photos. Stef Magdalinski, employee #2 at Moo and one of the madmen behind UpMyStreet and TheyWorkForYou, invited me in as a beta tester many months ago and I was able to print my first box for a nominal sum. I wasn’t expecting much, but in the intervening months I’ve found that everyone I’ve given a card to has reacted to them. I just got my second and third box of cards from Moo (at full price, and gladly). They help me to stick in the minds of the people I meet, and that’s valuable.

My favourite two images to put on the cards are the sea, which I hand out with the comment “this is why I moved back to New Zealand”, and my kids which I use with other parents who know me as “William’s dad” and therefore find it easier to key me off a picture of William. In my second and third boxes, I ordered more pictures of the landscape (ooh, pretty) and of my kids (ooh, pretty).

Now, of course, it’s easy for me to use Moo cards to stand out in New Zealand where perhaps the shipping means most people haven’t got their own Moo cards. A question for readers: are you seeing many Moo cards in the wild in the UK and US? Are they still exotic, or are they now as common as Hugh McLeod cartoons? And if you have Moo cards, what image(s) did you put on them?