Amazon’s Developer Connection team is apparently out to take up the competition with music-recognition service Gracenote (formerly known as CDDB). They’ve released What’s That Tune?, an amusing mashup of three Amazon Web Services:

This proof-of-concept records audio from a microphone, saves it to Amazon S3, creates a HIT for [Mechanical Turk] workers to name the tune, then polls Amazon ECS for related albums.

Use What’s That Tune? to name the song stuck in your head, to play around with Amazon’s excellent pack of web services, or just to be utterly amazed by the Mechanical Turk HITS people are willing to pick up for just a few cents. (See Brady’s previous coverage on The Sheep Market)

ps. In other news, Make Magazine’s Phil Torrone is asking for the reverse: IBM please open up Big Blue and teach us how computer beat man in the legendary chess world-champion vs machine battle.

  • Carl Hirsh

    Love this. Seems like this is a desktop service. how soon will someone set it up as a for-pay webservice?

  • Robert

    What’s that Tune is a great idea, but at the moment it’s not a web service, it’s a proof-of-concept, a set of code samples. You can’t go on Mechanical Turk today and identify tunes for money. Seems kinda stupid that Amazon didn’t bother to actually install this thing somewhere so you could, you know, try it.