's papersync

One of the cool things here at Adobe Engage is a demo of a clever feature of online organizer company iscrybe called “papersync.” It’s a mapping of the next 8 days of your calendar onto a piece of paper that, folded 8 ways, fits right into your pocket. This should be a big hit with the Lifehacker crowd! I love these simple features. So many people who talk about online/offline think only about devices. Lovely to see someone who uses paper as one of their offline formats. (iscribe does a lot of other cool online/offline stuff — obviously, that’s a key feature of Apollo — but I liked this one because it’s such a nice, obvious thing to do.)

In that regard, I’m mindful of a conversation I had the other day with Nora Abousteit of Burdastyle, a very cool fashion site that provides “open source” clothes patterns that people can print out and sew from. One of their challenges is how to map clothing patterns onto 8 1/2 by 11 (or A size) sheets that can be printed out on home printers. Mapping designs in interesting ways onto paper is an interesting challenge and opportunity.

(P.S. iscrybe looks like a very nice calendar, to-do list, and notepad application.)