Grassroots Marketing, Singing Labels, Free TV, and more

ETech is just around the corner. These are a few sessions I’m particularly looking forward to:

Community Marketing: Your Customers in Charge: Web 2.0 wunderkinders Tara Hunt and Chris Messina walk through the fundamentals of grassroots community development and how to apply the principles in marketing, revealing the “secret sauce” of their company Citizen Agency.

If Paper Could Talk, What Would It Say?: Lee Felsenstein and Ken Berkun talk about using printed patterns to represent recorded sound, replaying it with tools no more complex than the average cell phone.

No Program Left Behind: Liberating TV from the Tyranny of the Ephemeral: Tom Loosemore on the fusion of broadcast television and Web video distribution, a.k.a. “Designing the Mutant Offspring of Logie Baird and Berners-Lee.”

Body Hacking
: my first exposure to body hacking as a way of life (after Larry Niven’s Ringworld), came through Quinn Norton’s talk at Foo Camp last year. It’s a subject rich with interesting possibilities and controversial questions.