'sfearthquakes' on Twitter

Apropos of NOTHING AT ALL, you can now get Bay Area earthquake information through Twitter by following sfearthquakes. Nice, Coda! (Coda’s had a busy week — he also backed up a righteous beat-down with code to fix it. I like working with people who are hilarious and right at the same time.)

One of my favorite business model suggestions for entrepreneurs is, find an old UNIX command that hasn’t yet been implemented on the web, and fix that. talk and finger became ICQ, LISTSERV became Yahoo! Groups, ls became (the original) Yahoo!, find and grep became Google, rn became Bloglines, pine became Gmail, mount is becoming S3, and bash is becoming Yahoo! Pipes. I didn’t get until tonight that Twitter is wall for the web. I love that.

[Update: added ls and mount, plus find at Nat‘s suggestion. Having fun with this. The comments are good, too.]