lolgeeks launched

Are you hip to lolcats, pictures of pets with amusing captions written in the vocabulary of gamers? If not, then check out i can has cheezburger because you’re missing out on a lot of references. They’re all over the place recently. Anil Dash started the move to mass consciousness with his blog post about the idiosyncratic grammar of lolcats, and Gawker made lolgays which boingboing picked up on. Expect a NYT article any day now.

All that is by way of background. Joshua Schachter AIMed me last week and said, “there are lolcats and lolgays …. I’ve been thinking about lolgeeks.” And so over the weekend we put together lolgeeks and today we offer it to you, our pop-culture-craving own-feeding-upon public of alpha geeks. Enjoy.