Where 2.0: Early Registration Ending Tuesday

where 2.0 logo Early registration for Where 2.0 closes this Tuesday (April 10th). We’ve got a full event this year begins Monday, May 28th with an Ignite event. Keynotes and plenary sessions all day Tuesday and Wednesday (May 29th & 30th). There will be a Where Faire with experimental geo-projects the evening of the 29th. If you stay through the weekend there is going to be the first ever WhereCamp on the Yahoo! campus (this is not an O’Reilly event though I am assisting).

This year is going to have a focus on 3D, immersive geo-experiences and what challenges that brings. There will also be a large number of community data talks. We’ll explore the new opportunities for creating and consuming geodata. On the second day we will hear from a lot of geo-enabled device manufacturers.

I am particularly happy with our mainstage talks. Mapquest‘s Jim Greiner is going to give us a peek into the thoughts of their users. The EFF’s Kevin Bankston is going to discuss the latest in government surveillance. Live‘s Erik Jorgensen will talk about their efforts to build a 3D globe in the browser. Urban Mapping CEO Ian White is going to discuss the availability public domain geodata. Steven Johnson is going to give us a keynote that ties together his new startup Outside.In and his best-selling novel Ghost Map. Device manufacturer Garmin will join us for the first time. Yahoo‘s Jeremy Kreitler and Open Street Map‘s Steve Coast are going to discuss how the two organizations are working together. Internet-connected GPS device company Dash will discuss their internet forays. Google Earth‘s John Hanke and Michael Jones will appear on stage to discuss their vision (and I hope the future of their geoindex).

We are going to open the event with an Ignite event. We’ll have 16 five-minute geo-related talks; each speaker gets 20 slides that rotate automatically at 15 seconds. Using Mozes, the audience will select their two favorite talks and these talks will be reprised on the mainstage Tuesday and Wednesday. Selections won’t be made until May, but you can submit a talk now.

I hope to see you there.