The Impressionists

Some blogs I’m loving for their loose, associative wanderings through their worlds:

Jan Chipchase – Future Perfect
I wound up at a crazy oil industry conference in England last January and sat with this great designer from Nokia who seemed totally fun and interesting. Months later I stumbled across this blog and started reading it, and only later put together that it was the same guy. He lives in Japan and travels a lot and posts thoughts and pictures from wherever he and his mind have wandered. See for example “Inherent Properties Communicating Costs.”

I have no idea what this is or where I found it, but it makes me happy every day.

Particularly, the blog all dog-eared pages entries, which are what they say they are. The rest is great, too. (Mike is an acquaintance.)

One of many tumblelogs (in fact, the one pictured on the Wikipedia page for the term), which are a whole trend of this type on their own (with, of course, Twitter and friends fitting right beside). But this is my favorite and the only one I bother to read.

During a cut-down-on-distractions campaign, I mass-unsubscribed from feeds and left swissmiss behind, but kept missing it and checking in on it. One day I came back to it and thought, “why did I ever cut this?” and have been happy ever since. (Her Flickr photos are great, too — the “ waiting for/in the elevator” set is art from the everyday that I love every time.)

I feel like the blogity is speeding up somehow, moving on from realism to a more efficient form of whatever it is we’ve been doing. And I’m liking that.