Web2Summit: Google Health–Groundwork Needed?

This afternoon, Marissa Mayer, Google’s Vice President for Search Products & User Experience, gave a brief, unsubstantial presentation on health information, which—no surprise—Google wants to help you find. They’re also interested in helping you store and access your own health records. While giving people more control over their own data is an important idea, not to mention a trend we hope to see more of, Google may have to build (or rebuild?) user trust before people make it the repository of their most sensitive information.

Mayer didn’t touch on privacy or personal data portability, and there wasn’t time for audience questions or comments. If you could help Google bolster its reputation for protecting personal data, what would you suggest they do? Or—given that many of us already trust Google with our email, calendar and other information—is this a non-issue?

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