Why I Love Hackers

TechWeb TV posted a short video from my opening keynote at ETech. Nominally this year’s version of my O’Reilly Radar talk, which focuses on emerging trends that we’re watching, the talk was wrapped in a larger theme, namely, why I love hackers, the edges they explore, and why hackers and alpha geeks, not entrepreneurs, are the first step in technology innovation. The video contains a short segment from the opening of the talk, and the closing.

I hope to have the video of the entire talk available soon.

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  • Interesting concept, but perhaps those who combine all the traits and talents of hackers, alpha geeks,AND entrepreneurs will become the ultimate tech innovators. ;-)

  • Ido

    Very interesting talk. If Tim think and speak about the ‘alpha geeks’ you know it’s something that you want to check and understand before it will be too late :)