Last Chance: Submit a Talk for SF Ignite Expo

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Today’s your last chance to submit a talk to the Web 2.0 Expo Ignite Event that we’re holding on Tuesday, April 22nd at the DNA Lounge in SOMA. Submit a talk.

We are going to have about 16 Ignite talks. These talks will each be 5 minutes long with 20 slides and only 15 seconds a slide. Anyone who is attending Expo or Web2Open is welcome to speak.

Topics should fall in the realm of web 2.0 technology, entrepreneurship, life hacks, or something else that you think a room full of internet junkies will appreciate. Stories and lessons work better than product demos. If you’re still not sure what to talk about I’ve added a list of the accepted talks below; I’ve embedded an excellent talk from Monica Guzman of Seattle’s Big Blog on News Commenting after the jump.

There are still many slots to be filled. Talks will be selected by Monday the 14h; slides will be due that Friday. Fill out this form to throw your hat in the ring. Trust me it’s fun! RSVP.

SF Ignite Talks, So Far

  1. Lane Becker

    By the time I finish this talk, everyone in this room will want to run a marathon

    Why every person who spends their day in front of a computer should get up from the chair and run a marathon.

  2. Vanessa Fox

    5 Things Developers Should Know About Search Engines

    750 million people search. Ensure your infrastructure lets search engines turn those searchers into your customers.

  3. Christy Canida

    How to Build Online Community Using the 7 Deadly Sins

    Building online community doesn’t have to be complicated — just give people what they REALLY want.

  4. Annalee Newitz

    Why Giant Monsters Rule

    Giant Monsters 101 — an intro to the greatest giant monsters, what they mean, and how to appreciate their mega-charms.

  5. David Calkins

    Robots Everywhere!

    Robots are finally here. Brains, bodies, sensors, and actuators – building, using, and buying robots. Where’s your bot?

  6. Vinnie Lauria

    How to “Use” your Users

    From new features, to bug testing, to driving new traffic – how to get the most out of the community using your product.

  7. Christian Crumlish

    Grasping Social Patterns

    I will discuss a set of social design patterns I am framing out as Yahoo!’s pattern detective.

If you need inspiration look no further than Monica Guzman from the last Ignite Seattle.